How Countries Like Russia & Ukraine Have Pledged Their Wars in Cyberspace?

How Countries Like Russia & Ukraine Have Pledged Their Wars in Cyberspace?

Recently, Russian troops invaded a major strike on Ukraine. The invasion was on February 24. But the extent of the battle is not limited to the barriers. The army of Russia targeted various cities and regions to establish their dominion. 

A battle is not limited to the battlefield. Both countries have also pledged their wars in cyberspace. After the invasion, the Ukrainian government websites received disrupted by several DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. 

The systems from cybersecurity firms reported a new line of destructive malware on different devices in the country. The malware-based attack got its name i.e. Hermetic Wiper. Experts from Ukraine described it as wiper malware. Also, it came in as a disguised form of ransomware. 

The attack wave just came to the notice after the disruption of Ukrainian government websites. Also, a campaign was there called WhisperGate which had a completely different nature. In the cyber world, it was like wiper malware and it hid like disguised ransomware. 

The timing of attacks pointed fingers toward the Russian state-sponsored actors. Also, the involvement of Russian hackers has given many hints on different occasions. targeting Ukraine for the past decade including different cyberattacks and significant disruptions are the reasons. 

Apart from those crises, the BBC gave a report of some DDoS attacks against Ukrainian government websites. Also, the report stated that some patriotic Russian hackers launched those cyber strikes against Ukraine. Also, some people are from respected members of Russian cyber-security companies. 

A person claiming to work for them acknowledged that the termination would be inevitable if anyone finds out about what they do during their after-hour activities. The motive of these patriotic hackers is against the government of Ukraine. 

They also claimed that they have obtained access to several emails of Ukrainian government accounts. Also, they plan to use them for different phishing attacks. Their claim about stealing different confidential data is still unknown. 

The thriving of a new Conti Ransomware Gang delivered crackdowns on different ransomware groups. It had pledged to provide its unbreakable support for the Russian government. Also, they warned about using the full capacity to deliver retaliatory measures. 

When it comes to Western warmongers’ attempts, they strictly criticize the current situation. Also, they target others who wish to aim at any critical infrastructure in Russia or any Russian-speaking region. The cybercrime group also never stopped threatening to strike back at crucial infrastructures of the foe. 

The demonstration from several Russian-linked ransomware groups came and stated the capabilities they can cause. “The wrath may come in the form of significant disruption to several critical infrastructure organizations,” they say. 

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) of the country also has filled the report of noticing a few email attacks. Their link is with UNC1151. It was a threat actor that previously contacted Belarus and other Russia (possibly). The specialization makes everything clear in the disinformation campaign. 

Multiple cybersecurity companies and other industry professionals have given their solutions to this issue. They offer free tools and services to improvise the work of cybersecurity. Different organizations and individuals from Ukraine are active after the cyber-invasion from Russia. With their support, the work is still on to protect this country from any type of cyber-related mishaps. 

The compiling reports from Curated Intelligence have explained different access brokers, data brokers, and other kinds of resources that could be favorable for Ukraine’s benefits. 

Speaking on this matter, NATO Secretary General Jen Stoltenberg gave a warning to those who have been planning these cyberattacks for a long. Also, the White House has responded to the NCB’s report; calling it an off-base charge. 

Apart from that, ESET has also spotted several cyber frauds too. The objective is to steal money and information from people using different fake charities. 

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