Oppo Launched Amazing Foldable Smartphone in the Market named Oppo Find N 5G

Oppo Launched Amazing Foldable Smartphone in the Market named Oppo Find N 5G

Know about OPPO Smartphone

People prefer to use the best and affordable smartphones in this emerging world. OPPO is the leading brand of smartphones, and it always surprises people by launching products which the customer can have access to without leaving their comfort zone. It always provides the Smartphone at an affordable price without compromising with the quality. 

OPPO mobiles are always trending in the market, and it has come with many top models of smartphones. It’s a Chinese electronic company whose main motto is to surprise the customer by launching a new advanced Smartphone. 

1st foldable Smartphone of this company

Newer technology has led to the construction of various models of smartphones. Many Smartphone companies try to evolve their phone with additional unique features. OPPO Smartphone Company also participated in this race and has successfully made the first company foldable Smartphone- OPPO Find N. 

A handful of other mobile phone brands has introduced foldable smartphones. But there are some barriers such as utility, durability, and the bad user experience as a result of which these phones are not feasible for the customer.

Pete Lau took this project excitedly and guided the phone manufacturing team to overcome these final hurdles to turn this dream into reality. The team worked a lot for about 4 years and with 6 prototypes in upbringing the project by manufacturing the next generation first company foldable Smartphone OPPO Find N. 

Features of this Smartphone

It has an inward folding design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable series. This oppo foldable phone has a metal finish along with 2 different OLED displays, one foldable the primary option.

This Smartphone is claimed to be very simple in design use and easy to use. Thin bezels are present in both of the foldable displays and covers. It has another unique feature of hole-punch design for the foldable OLED display.

Other features of this Smartphone include-

  • Fast charging
  • 5G connectivity 
  • High refresh rates
  • Mobile photography covering wide focal lengths
  • Triple rear camera
  • Easy to use
  • Appropriate weight and size
  • More durable

This oppo foldable phone seems to have a rounded metal design, and it would come up with Type- C USB port and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. A detailed specification of this OPPP Find N Smartphone is not yet revealed. All the further details will come on December 15 on launching this phone at OPPO Inno day conference. 

This folding Smartphone is to be launched on December 15 on the OPPO INN day as per the statement of OPPO chief product officer and OnePlus founder Pete Lau. This phone will have the best hinge and display designs which will solve the major problems like cease in the display and overall durability of the device. 

The oppo foldable price is going to be very high and expensive. Its cost might be more than 2 Lakh per its specifications and comparison with other smartphones. For instance, Xiaomi’s Mi Mix folds price roughly Rs. 1, 12,000. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 costs Rs. 1, 49,999.

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