List of Best Smartphones to Launch in 2022

List of Best Smartphones to Launch in 2022

Only a few weeks remain until the start of a new year, and several of the smartphones released last autumn easily topped the finest smartphones. In terms of smartphone debuts, 2021 saw the introduction of the Google Pixel 6 and Apple iPhone 13, but we’re looking forward to what 2022 will bring.

Even before the year 2022 begins, there’s a lot to look forward to, including new budget-friendly smartphones from Samsung and Apple, which are expected to be released in the first part of the year. An even bigger and better version of the primary iPhone, along with a Samsung phone that might feel like a true successor to the Galaxy Note, are both expected to be released later this year, reports claim.

Oppo Peacock

Oppo has previously shown prototypes of folding phones, including an out-folding gadget, at trade shows. Speculation has swirled that Oppo will debut a product known as the Oppo Peacock, which is a folding phone. Although a release date of December has been indicated, it is doubtful that this would be a complete consumer release.

Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi has deleted the Mi prefix from its phone names. Therefore, the Xiaomi 12 will be the company’s following flagship product. Apart from several camera rumours, we believe this phone will be released in December 2021, at the same time as the newest Qualcomm processor.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S21 may debut early in 2022, ahead of the Galaxy S22, instead of the scheduled launch in 2021. With a 6.4-inch display and a camera system identical to that of the Galaxy S21+, you can anticipate it to be a good value for money and a popular choice among consumers.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, with its turbocharged CPU, 5G connection, compatibility for the S Pen pen, and incredible photography capabilities, is the top of what Samsung presently has to offer in smartphones. You should choose the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra if you are serious about capturing fantastic shots with your phone or just want to know that you are wearing the newest and best technology tucked into your pants.

Nokia X50

The Nokia 9 PureView successor has been the subject of many rumours, but the trail seems to have gone cold. Instead, reports say that Nokia may announce a Nokia 8.3 replacement with five cameras, which might be known as the Nokia X50. This device might feature a 6.5-inch display, run Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series chipset, and have a primary camera with a resolution of 108 megapixels. We’re now looking at a debut in 2022 as a possibility.

The Samsung Galaxy S22

The Samsung Galaxy S22 family of smartphones, including the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra, will ship in January 2022, with screen sizes ranging from 6-inches to 6.81-inches. The Ultra will feature a primary camera with a resolution of 108MP and a magnification of 12x optical zoom, while the smaller phones will have a 50MP primary camera. It’s possible that the Exynos 2200 with AMD GPU will also be made available for these smartphones.

Huawei Mate 50 Pro

With a 7000mAh battery and a 6.8-inch display, the Huawei Mate 50 Pro is supposed to be a monster smartphone. The Kirin 9000 is believed to be in charge of powering everything, although we worry about Huawei’s chip supply. According to the latest rumours, the launch will occur in March 2022.

OnePlus 10 Pro

There has been little information released about the next-generation OnePlus 10 pro phone other than its appearance. However, we expect the Snapdragon 898 to be used, a 120Hz LTPO display and additional efforts to enhance the camera. We’d anticipate the launch to take place around May 2022.

Google Pixel 6a

The Google Pixel 6a has been leaked for the first time, and it seems to have a design that is identical to the Pixel 6 models. Although it appears that this model may be able to accommodate a twin camera, the primary goal would be to provide a more affordable option. Nobody knows what may power it or how much it will cost – and we don’t expect to see it until Google I/O in May 2022 at the earliest – which would put its introduction in May 2022.

Apple iPhone SE Plus

After the 2020 iPhone SE was revealed, rumours circulated regarding a bigger model that would be available later in 2019. Considering that the apple iPhone SE 3 is virtually the same size as the iPhone 8, some ask whether a Plus model will be introduced to fill the iPhone 8 Plus space.

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