Get 2 Design Types of Safari Browser with the Latest IOS Version

Get 2 Design Types of Safari Browser with the Latest IOS Version

The latest iOS version is here, and it is here with various eye-catching features that will take the iPhone mobiles to the next level. There has been a big update on the safari browser in which people are going crazy for. If you do not know about it, read this article as it will tell you about the link between Safari and the latest iOS 15 operating system.

iOS 15 and Safari

The iOS 15 has added a toggle that will reverse the Safari design back to the iOS 14 design. When Apple initially announced and showed the coming iOS and macOS operating systems at WWDC, they showed a major redesign for Safari across the platforms. Apple has taken a step back regarding the controversial design with tweaks and user-accessible toggles.

The latest beta version shows that the newest iOS version has a toggle to Safari settings that will let you switch back to the old design language. With this version, you will be able to navigate through the Settings App, then go to Safari, and you will be given two options first on the top and second on the bottom. Both options will let you choose the design you prefer for Safari.

Pull to Reload

You can now go to the webpage set by simply tapping in the Aa, or you can just reload the page by tapping on the reload button. With the help of this interface, when a user scrolls through the webpage, the Tab Bar will collapse down so that the user can see more of the website. 

The latest iOS 15 will now let you refresh the webpage with a downward swipe. It is a great alternative to having to tap on the reload icon. iOS 15 also has various other exciting features that we will all get to see.

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