CEO of Apple Made A Huge Statement on Apple TV+ – Said ‘It’s for the Fans’

CEO of Apple Made A Huge Statement on Apple TV+ – Said ‘It’s for the Fans’

The statement made by Tim Cook- the CEO of Apple has gone viral in many aspects. ‘Apple TV+ has taken the hearts of all fans around the globe’ he said. 

This was the statement made at the time of Apple’s earnings call. Also, he congratulated all associates of Apple TV+ on this success. Many writers, actors, producers, and storytellers are involved in this success phase.

Well, he thanked them from the bottom of his heart and wished them all for making this success possible. 

At the time of the launch of Apple TV+, it faced many sluggish responses from viewers. Well, that was in November 2019. This is a new beginning for this division. 

The CEO of Apple spoke frankly on the success of the streaming service apple and appreciated its 11 Emmy awards winning moments. This is the part where Tim Cook should be pleased a lot. 

A responsible leader has taken its promises much seriously to convert this unit into a profound unit of Apple. Nowadays, many OTT platforms have won the hearts of many viewers over smart TVs, tablets, mobiles, and laptops. 

In 2021, the future of this streaming service of Apple has won the hearts of many with its premium shows. The plans of this service have been growing popular.

As the statement of Tim Cook, He replied, “Apple TV+ streaming service has already proved itself to fans around the world”.

This is the truth you should know. Also, one of the most exciting and hyped comedy series of this steaming service is ‘Ted Lasso’. Many enjoyed it a lot. Also, it did not fail to receive the best award and that was the Emmy Awards. 

When you look back to November 2019, the scenario was different. Now, things are changing for Apple and so for its streaming unit ‘Apple TV Plus’. Apple TV’s platform has crossed more than 20 million active subscribers.

Also, the range of exceeding subscribers won’t stop here. As per recent surveys, many reports claimed that Apple TV+ has reached near the 40 million mark.

Well, these are the achievements that show how this platform has gained its customers over the internet. Not because of any kind of hype, but pure and legit content delivery is the fact within every program from it.

Any show or movie goes air, it has received the right response from its users. People love the shows from Apple TV+ and admire their hard work. The same thing Tim Cook had done previously.

He decided to congratulate the team behind the success of the Apple TV+ and gave a heartfelt thanking response to its users. Without fans, the success of this platform would have been just a dream.

This is not the year 2019, it is 2021. The perfection within this platform has attracted many and much to come in the future. So, this time Tim Cook surprised all the users of Apple TV+ with a great gesture, and let’s just hope that he will encourage everyone in the future. 

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